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Becky Sue:
Is there anyone and/or any material that can help learn to apply foundation and make up?
Becky Sue

Well, first of all, there are some tips in the section you put this post in and second, you can find many tips around the internet.  Oh yeah, there a section on here that shows a bunch of videos of makeup being applied.

Becky, sometimes (as I discovered) it is easiest to bite the bullit and ask a real person to show you.  I did this a couple of times along the way.  I remember that the wife of a close friend asked her Mary Kay representative to come over. We had our private makeup party.  Sure it was a little embarrassing. But I got some good advice and a few key make up pieces.

Another time, I was fortunate enough to run into a festive fellow in a wig shoppe. I told him I was having problems with make up and wow... did he help me out.  The Mary Kay woman was great, but the wig guy knew the tricks of making male look foo.  My name is Sue... how do you do!  Yea that's right! Cool RULES!


And remember that a little makeup goes a looooooooooooong way. 



--- Quote from: Becky Sue on October 09, 2006, 03:13:39 pm ---Is there anyone and/or any material that can help learn to apply foundation and make up?
Becky Sue
--- End quote ---

Hi Becky Sue....

Some very good advice from all the girls so far. I particulrly enjoyed make up sessions with my best friend, who taught me a lot of great and neat tips of the trade.

Further to the advice the girls have given, I would like to add a few of my own. Books and Magazines are good.

Most womens magazines have a section on make up and you can learn to look like a star at the sametime. I also went to an image consultant beauty consultant, who over the course of a day showed me what, how and when (i.e how to turn day make up into night - going out in a tick)... Luckily my company paid for this.

However, if you can go for a professional make over, with a beautician this is a worthwhile experience.

I used to practice everynight for a couple of hours and it used to take me over an hour to get ready, now 30 minutes is the average, a bit longer if I am straighteneing my hair.

For foundation.

If you are shaving, shave and wash off the foam etc, dry your face. FYI I never use soap and water on my face or dry with a towel, The amount of bacteria is horrific. I always use wet wipes (unscented) and then pat dry with a paper towel.

1. I then use a clarifying lotion on my face
2. Moisturize thoroughly and allow to blend in
3. Add foundation, I use a small sponge, to which I apply foundation and take out from the centre of the face to the hairline and neck
4. Add any concealor over the top of the foundation (I use under my eyes and on any skin blemishes), using a small brush
5. I then add pressed powder to my face (with a brush) to take off any shine
6. Add blusher / bronzer to the cheeks using a  puff if needed.

Sounds complicated, but with practice it is second nature. I have my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted every month at the salon.

If I am going out on business or a social ocassion, I will normally add eyeliner (grey best for me), two shades of eye shadow (normally lighter up to the brow and darker on the lid) and then a quick wipe of mascara.

I always use a lip liner and a plain base for my lips before adding my lipstick.

It takes practice, but in time becomes second nature.



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