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A very well timed and needed post. Too often we are splitting words and arguing over "what is, is".

As you told me to write,
"honey you are so darn smart- no wonder I married you"!     :D

Ahem...while I align completely with the sentiment, my only comment (other than this prelude) is:

You cannot reason with the unreasonable.

Thank you, Julie.  It seems every so often we need a post like this one.


Thanks, Julie.  It's reassuring to see this - I've been spending a lot less time here due to all the nastiness I've seen.

All exactly how I feel. The hate I've seen recently has shocked me. And you don't want to shock the trained, we don't run off.

Now of course its a bunch, no actually a few, keyboard cowboys trying to stir up divisiveness because for some reason they feel bad about themselves. They're normally as limp as noodles and as harmless away from their modems, but sadly I can see 'em on another Internet site coming up with, or egging on, anti T sentiments, or out on the street or in a bar, in a group where they feel safe, egging on taunts or worst toward a T individual.

And I'm the kind of person who doesn't put up with that, and it gets me hated but I don't care. I will stand with the person being picked on, here, on other sites, or on the street. I have always been the person to do that, it goes way back to grade school.

This site has to be open and welcoming to everyone, friendly to those who need help and community and UNFRIENDLY to jerks.


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