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I will not tolerate anyone posting on this forum about tricking or otherwise intentionally deceiving people into committing acts that with informed consent they would not have participated in. Actions of that nature are highly immoral. Topics of this nature feed the hatred of those who would attack the transgender community. It is used as justification by Murders for the "gay panic" defenses. A violation of this rule will from this moment forth result in a permban, as people who engage in these types of actions are not welcome in this community.

I also feel the need to remind some members of this forum that this site is not sexually oriented. Members who continually post topics of this nature will be removed from this site. The TOS already prohibits messages of this nature...

--- Quote ---4. The use of images, photos, avatars, or the posting of links; which are of a threatening tone, obscene, pornographic, intended to titillate, or depicts illegal acts; will not be permitted.

5. The posting of messages on the chat or forums which are of a threatening tone, obscene, pornographic, intended to titillate, or depict illegal acts will not be permitted.
--- End quote ---

For those who do not know the word


--- Quote ---v., -lat·ed, -lat·ing, -lates.

   1. To stimulate by touching lightly; tickle.
   2. To excite pleasurably, superficially or erotically.


To excite especially in a superficial, pleasurable manner
--- End quote ---

Clinical discussions are ok, but once you get to the point of intentionally titillating yourself or others you have crossed the line.

Thank you. Thank you. I just read this deception thread in the deleted messages, and it just about made my hair stand on end.

Thank you Susan, for the (sadly) necessary reminder.

On a side note the Sexuality Forum has been moved to the just for us forum which you can view once you reach 15 posts.

For those who don't know the Sexuality forum is open to everyone upon reaching 15, but is not in the exclusive Just for Us forum anymore but instead part a sub forum of Health forum. Also for those that don't know, the Just for Us forum is a subscriber only area of the site.


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