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<not allowed> and Homosexualism as a Birth Defect

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Monique Martinez:
Julie: Try telling that to fundamentalists!! :P

Actually, the homophobia in both Christianity and Islam stem from the book Leviticus, in the Bible. Leviticus contains a lot of laws that would normally go directly against Christian and Muslim teachings, and a lot of the rules haven't survived, for obvious reasons. I'd say: Read Leviticus, and shiver in fear for what fundies might come up with...


--- Quote from: SilverFang on October 18, 2009, 03:10:01 pm ---That's what they think of homosexuality, but homosexuality is not an impairment. (Unless your goal is children. But there's major world overpopulation.) Transsexuality requires lengthy (and possibly expensive) transition, but I don't think that means we should be removed. Lots of diseases require treatment, and we don't just kill all of those people off.

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Truth is homosexuality does not stop humans from having children. Lesbians rarely had a choice in the matter (and now that they do, they're still reproducing using donated sperm). And most gay men are entirely capable of sleeping with women and have done so throughout history to meet societal expectations. And many continue to do so today by choice - not just the ones in the closet, but the out gay guys who date and sleep with their best girl friends, and sometimes even marry them and have children, all the while identifying as gay. Like all of human sexuality, homosexuality is messy and complicated.

Homosexuality is a no no in Islam but transexuality is. Iran (Other Islamic countries too - It is LAW) pays half of the medical needs for trans and it is the 2nd biggest in tran surgical procedures after Thailand.

Josh - Are you going to marry a muslim woman?


--- Quote from: Deanna_Renee on October 18, 2009, 10:46:10 am ---But is homosexuality and <not allowed> accepted forms of identity in Islam? I have heard that homosexuality at least is against the law in some Muslim dominant countries. Is this just local law or Islamic law? You have me curious now. I don't practice any particular religion for various reasons, but it would be interesting to find out.


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Good question regarding the law. It depends on the country. In countries with Sharia law (there's a whole discussion to be had there as regards Sharia being a man made law etc) such as KSA and Iran homosexuality is illegal. In others it is illegal because it was illegal under the colonial legal system and has remained so, this is true for Muslim majority and non Muslim countries: Gambia which is Muslim and Jamaica which is not are good examples. Then there are countries where it is legal in some parts and not others: Indonesia, legal everywhere in theory apart from Aceh Province. Then there's Malaysia where I think it's illegal only for Muslims. I've met Gay and Lesbian Muslims from many countries and despite the law things are still frowned upon in practice. I'm not here to justify things either way but to the best of my knowledge the Quran condemns anal sex, rape and adultery. The story of Lut (Lot?) is often quoted to put forward the idea that this is not specifically anti Gay. Myself, I just trust in His forgiveness and believe things will be taken in perspective, insha'Allah.

Transexuality is not mentioned either in the Quran and I can't say I necessarily agree with the Iranian perpective on things as it merely reinforces binary gender thinking. Better than nothing however I suppose. As someone in the middle can't say I would take kindly to enforced srs or being forced to cover my hair in public!

Hope that answers your question to a certain degree :)


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