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Do Hindus accept ts/tg or do you have too?

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I know this is a very widely practiced belief, but have no idea as to how ts/tg's are viewed.

from things I have seen they are very open to TS/TG.  No proof just things I have seen.


Thank you Janet, I would like to let all Hindu know that they are not only welcome here, but are anticipated with vigour. I am eager to learn & share.

I have actually been studying Hindu and Yoga lately, so this is what I can add to this topic, even if its getting a little stale :)

Shiva is considered a primary deity amongst Hindu teachings, and the largest sect of Hindu considers Shiva the Supreme God of Heaven. What is significant about this, is the fact that Shiva is very often depicted as a perfect hermaphrodite, sometimes even split evenly down the middle as one side male/one side female. Their belief is that the supreme power is both masculine and feminine, and that both masculine and feminine energies exist within us. Due to this, I would say that they are far more open to transgender concepts than in the west, where the common rule is that there is only one all knowing man-god.

Additionally, there are several third gender groups in southern asia, and India is no exception. There exists a group called Hijra. They dont have a clearly indicated parallel in our understanding of gender and sex, but the majority of them seem to be transwomen that only undergo partial surgery (effectively becoming eunuchs) or do not opt for surgery.

Just my little observations, anyway :)

Every religion has its bigots, and Hinduism is no exception :-p.  Technically, Hinduism is as accepting as most religions, i.e. Jesus Christ said to love everyone and Muhammad the Prophet stopped a mob from killing a transwoman.  Hinduism's gotten more attention in the West though thanks to its more public acceptance of sexuality within religion, i.e. sexuality in the Western Abrahamic faiths is often seen as "dirty," while Lord Krsna had sex with thousands of maidens.  What is notable though is that both Pakistan (an Islamic republic) and India (secular) have legalized third sex on national documents (i.e. you check "male," "female," or "other").  Of an interesting note is that India actually legalized being third-sexed before repealing its old colonial laws against homosexuality, albeit by less than a month though.  My personal experience with Hindus in the USA is that they're as mixed a crowd as any other religion, so you shouldn't assume they're trans-friendly simply because their faith includes <not allowed>/mixed-gendered/third-gendered/other-gendered figures.
Post Merge: July 12, 2010, 05:58:32 amAbout hijras, hijras experience a lot of discrimination in India, perhaps not as bad as the USA, but still by no means acceptable, often driving many into poverty and prostitution.  Only recently has there been rising political pressure against this, one of the major reasons to legalize being third-sexed, i.e. to help thwart public discrimination.  Hijras themselves, being in their own category, often are in involved in discrimination from and against Indian crossdressers and transpeople.  You can see more info here:


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