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Converting after GRS


Hello all,

I am considering converting to Islam. I have spent the last two years considering this decision, but would like to learn a little more before finally making a decision to convert. I have never felt more comfortable within a religion, and have found myself becoming very emotional while reading my Koran. I have spoken to a few Muslim girl friends of mine and have been assured that since I transitioned (GRS etc.) before converting I shouldn't face any problems from others as long as I maintain the customs and act accordingly as a female; since all sins are forgiven upon converting to Islam. (I personally do not feel this is a sin, I was made this way, born this way and I see no sin in being myself..I am just using the terms that seem most common when discussing this kind of issue) I guess I was wondering if this is the generally accepted outlook. My partner and I (we were married before transitioning, so again I have been told our relationship may be looked down upon, but should not face any serious problems) are moving back to Ohio from California and I am a little worried it may be more conservative there and not agreeable with what my friends in Cali have told me. I am comfortable with my appearance so I'm not really worried about anyone knowing, I more or less live relatively in stealth (I guess coming to a site like this is not the best idea then :P but oh well.), but just in case I was wondering if this was the general understanding...

I could never imagine the struggles faced while transitioning as a Muslim and I wish every sister and brother happiness in their lives. If I can offer support in anyway, even just an electronic shoulder to lean on, please IM me..I really hope to learn from this community, so I would be more than happy to return the help :D

Best wishes to you all, and I'm sorry if this is a rambling's hard for me to still totally express what I am worried about regarding this. I really am sure I am going to convert, but I would like to know if I would be accepted...I can pray on my own, and worship on my own; but I feel it has more meaning when with a group. I have meditated and considered this decision deeply and for quite awhile; I really feel my heart has found a religion that speaks to me. I will convert even if not accepted; but it would be nice to share in the sisterhood of my fellow Muslim women.

Also, again my friends have told me this is not a problem; but I have quite a few tattoos (hands, etc etc....I have not lived the best life in the past, but I am ready to spiritually grow and leave that negativity behind.). Would that be accepted? (I know it may not be totally accepted, but at least not have me shunned?).

I really appreciate you reading this (if you made it this far) as I am dealing with this last struggle before making my decision to convert and would be very grateful for any assistance.


as far as tattoos, i think you'll be fine.  ive gone to the mosque and been accepted and welcomed even though i have piercings all over my face.


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