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Me, Reciting Monsters of My Id.

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Monsters of My Id 2.wav

Wow, Heather.  That is incredible.  It is creepy and beautiful and moving and ... I don't know.  I think I have to go out into the sunshine for a little while now; excuse me.

Thank you for sharing this rather incredible piece.


*nod* I agree, it's good, a little creepy, and moving.

Might want to consider getting a "pop filter" (easy to make as a home made thing too) if you want to do more recordings. Google it to get an idea of what I'm referring to.


Thank-you for saying so. It is the first time that I have
"published" any of my own stuff. Thanx for the suggestion,
"pop filter" is that like a foam rubber cover for the mike?

You should have heard her perfecting it.  She would be going along great and then she would do a Porky Pig.  Tha tha tha tha's all.  But she worked on it and finally got it to the version you hear.

It is a little creepy, but is so true.  And I think to poem is in her blog.



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