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Me, Reciting Monsters of My Id.

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--- Quote from: heatherrose on November 04, 2009, 10:19:41 am ---Thank-you for saying so. It is the first time that I have
"published" any of my own stuff. Thanx for the suggestion,
"pop filter" is that like a foam rubber cover for the mike?

--- End quote ---

Kind of, it's that "disk" you see in front of a mic when you see someone doing an audio recording. It takes the hardest "punch" off of Ps and Ks and such.
I made mine with an old wire coathanger and a piece of torn up old pantyhose.
It's a poorly constructed thing, but it does the trick.

(google it for more info)

Ms Bev:
Hello sis........
Thank you thank you, thank you for the wonderful reading.  Your voice is very pretty, btw, and very feminine.   I love hearing readings that are so captivates the attention.  Creepy?  I don't think so, but then maybe it appeals to my dark Irish side
You're a talented poetess......I hope you do more with your gift luv.



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