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Yale changes nondiscrimination policy


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Yale University voted last month to alter its nondiscrimination policy, making it the final Ivy League institution to add "gender identity and expression" to the list of protected groups previously enumerated in the statement. In June, Dartmouth's Board of Trustees approved similar language for inclusion in the College's policy.

This policy shift will further support the creation of a gender-neutral housing option, an initiative that has been under way for some time, according to Dean of Residential Life Martin Redman.

"We're now engaging in a conversation which has been the plan all along," Redman said.

Redman told The Dartmouth that a "working group" likely consisting of Student Body President Tim Andreadis '07, Residential Life employees and Housing Office staff are expected to meet by early November to "hash through issues" and give a recommendation to Redman before making any decisions regarding the new academic year.


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