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Are you in crisis?

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This is just an idea and I thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone needs it.
We try to encourage and support each other here and perhaps this is an area that needs to be addressed.

Are you in crisis? Are you seriously contemplating suicide? Would you like to talk to someone?
I know no one here is a licensed counselor or anything, I just thought perhaps someone might like to talk about something that is really weighing them down to the point they are thinking of just chucking it all. Sometimes it helps just to talk.

I would ask that anyone who participates in this thread keep judgments to themselves. The important thing is to listen, offer hope and comfort and perhaps something from your own experience that helped you through a similar time of crises.

Please note: This is not intended to take the place of talking to a good therapist or counselor. Just a place to talk. It is highly reccommended that if you are in crisis to get professional help.

Good Journey,


Very cool Cassandra, I do so agree.

Miisery sucks....and the beauty of susans is that we (as a group) are multr-generational....a blending of realitys.

Are you in crisis?

Please talk to us here (private or in forums).....ask any regular user of susans for help...and we are all here for you. Know why? It is because we know how it be think you are the only one like yourself. Yep....we know about that stuff.

To be Transgender is a hard thing......but you are not alone.

Love DebTV

In crisis?  Honey, I am a crisis!

But seriously, anyone who needs to blow something off their mind can always PM me.  I'm open to discussion, and it's always good to talk stuff through.

Or you could just post in the PMS forum.  That's what it's there for  :angel:

Hi Cassie,

As you know my recent experiences where rather difficult but it was the ability to talk to the people here that helped me when I felt quite devastated.

Although I chose to create a new post I think that this one may encourage someone who does not want to go to that length.
If I may, I would invite anyone who feels that things are a little out of control to put the words down in this forum it will help and certainly reading the responses also helps.

Thanks for thinking of this Cassie


Sarah Louise:
Crisis, no, stressful time, yes.  It always seems that when you need a counselor the most, you can't afford to pay them.

I am glad for a place like Susan's, it give you a place to visit with others in similiar situations and a chance to chat with others who really do care about you.

Coming here gives me a chance to talk and when I talk, I seem to feel better.



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