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Hello bbb,

It's quite possible you might be able to speak to a counselor rigjht there at school.  When I was in high school, we had our regular assigned guidance counselors, but we also had a school psychologist.  I went and talked to him and he was my friend and confidante until I graduated.  Also, the appointments were during school hours, so my family never knew I was talking to anyone. 

It might be something worth checking into for you, at very least until something more desirable comes up.  From what I understand, discussion with the school psychologist were confidential, but you could always ask ahead of time if there any specific circumstances they are required to report to parents...but I really wouldn't think so...  Hang in there...



You might want to try to tell them part of the story. The issues that Melissa spoke of could be expanded a little so that your parents would be able to see some benefit that you would be seeking through councelling.

You could try explaining that you have issues about who you are and where your heading in life. In this way without giving to much away you will have given something for your parents to help them understand your need.

This is just my thinking and I suppose you will best know what will work for you. Good luck with it all and know that we here are thinking of you.



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