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Are you in crisis?

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Hi Sarah,

I do monitor this thread. I did start it after all. It began as an attempt to try to catch suicides that might be falling through the cracks. It is true though, that all of Susan's is a support site. I thought at the time that I started this that some folks might need a little more and if they alerted me here I could PM them so they could talk to someone privately and I could help them find the strength to seek professional counseling and get beyond their current crisis. I also thought that others here might be able to help people in crisis as well. I guess maybe I was being a little arrogant. I am always trying to save the world. Just seems to be in my nature. I have very big shoulders.

I just want people to know that there is always somebody available. You know whenever I log on I always see whos online. There is always somebody here. What a better place. I had my own moment of crisis on my birthday. It was private no one knew but as a moderator I can talk to staff. I could cry right now thinking about how they were all there to offer support and encouragement. Actually I am crying. There is so much love and understanding here. It is such a wonderful site. I don't know what I would have done without it.

Good Journey,


Sarah Louise:
I have had several moments of crisis during my life.  I even attempted suicide as a teenager.  They caught me and pumped my stomach.

A little over 3 years ago I was in Susan's chat room and I told them I was sitting with a revolver in my lap.  I was crying and cut my chat off, they took the time and effort to track me down and send the police to see if I was ok.

I was furious at first, but finally did realize they were only looking out for me.  I got over it and thanked them and apoligized for my verbal attack at them that I posted right after the police left.

The people here do care.  I tend to go through mood swings, large ones.  I always have this has been a problem my entire life, so I attempt to keep myself under control.  I have found that the act of chatting with others helps to lift me from my depression.

I am available to help you any time you need (for now anyway) as long as I am able to stay on line.


Quote "I also thought that others here might be able to help people in crisis as well. I guess maybe I was being a little arrogant. I am always trying to save the world. Just seems to be in my nature. I have very big shoulders."

All I can say Cassie is that the quick responses from you and Steph at a time where I felt utterly destroyed helped me to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is nothing arrogant about what you have done here. I think the term is absolutely necessary and I hope people who need it use it.

If anyone wants a reference here it is. I am still here and pretty damn happy about.

Thanks Cassie


yes im in a crisis, every time i look at my reflection and see that boy staring back at me i hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate it

but right now it seems like no one to talk to, no one real, just the online electric people , that councellor was useless and everybody i know in new zealand is too close to talk to and i know im shallow and i know im stupid and i cant stop whats coming cant stop what it is on its way

i feel like doing something big tomorrow

hello Harbour,

                        it is very hard sometimes, i have been thru exactly the same feelings before. i never looked at myself in the mirror, i looked at my hair as i combed it, looked at my teeth as i brushed them etc but never looked at that person.

                       the lonely feelings are very hard also. i would try google. look for support groups, gathering places, etc. near you.    finding one relative, friend or even an aquaintance to tell helps greatly. online people helped me feel lots better, don't underestimate your electric friends.

                        i've had these feelings regularly for almost 50 years, they are very hard to cope with but they always ease some for a while and life looks better. this is a cycle that is very hard to deal with but possible to live with until you can arrive at a place where you can start to resolve things. Don't ever give up, it hurts but it will be better soon, i'm so glad that i didnt give up. life is lots better for me now and i promise it will be for you too.




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