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Anyone here ever attend any of the "AI" or  like the "Art Institute of Phoenix" or any of their other campuses? What did or do you think about them?

I was enrolled @ the AI here in Phoenix for "Media Arts and Animation" but I had to drop out due to financial reasons in early November :'(

I am attending A.I. of the Inland Empire at the moment. I am hoping to graduate soon.
It is okay if you are diligent and want to learn an overview of everything. Its not very specific until you get to later classes and in my school the experience is they strong arm you into a 3D position. They will not let you graduate unless you have a 3D portfolio. Rigging, modeling, or animation in 3D. Which annoys me because I wasn't told that when I joined.
and the A.I.'s quality vary from what i've heard. It depends on the directors and teachers there.

But if you want to work in traditional mediums, or anything but CG i would steer you away from them.

I am a graduate of The Art Institute of Atlanta in graphic design (about a 1 1/2 years ago). While it does have its shortcomings and issues, all schools do, it does have a lot of good going for it. As has been said of this school and many others, you get out what you put in. If you show a desire to excel then the faculty will do everything in its power to help you excel. If you want to skate through, then they'll open up the rink for you.

Kamren and DeAnna thank you very much for your replies :-*

I would have to agree with DeAnna. I graduated from AI in OC about 3 years ago and, like most schools, you get out what you put in. The best part of going there for me though was the networking. I already had a lot of the knowledge I needed, but the connections I made, in addition to the career services department, I was able to land a great job even before I graduated.



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