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Trans Researchers: Doing It for Ourselves
« on: October 23, 2006, 01:09:38 pm »

SO MANY RESEARCHERS arrive with preconceived notions that they simply do not wish to lose. Maybe it’s an ax that they wish to grind with me and my ilk as the target, or perhaps they simply have a bias built on decades of salacious media interest in transgender issues dating back to the first large-type headlines about Christine Jorgensen in the early 1950s.

Of course, when you have these ingrained notions, then you end up tossing out whatever doesn’t fit your worldview. This is, naturally, antithetical to real scientific study, akin to saying that the Earth is flat because that’s what you’ve always been told, then scoffing when a ship sinks below the horizon.

This is what excited me about Loren Cameron’s project, as well as other community-driven projects. These are done by individuals who know the subject of which they speak: They live it every day and have a deep understanding of just what it means to be transgender to begin with.