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Okay. I don't typically tend to be overly sensitive, though since going full-time just over 2 weeks ago I have been more wary of those around me and their impressions of how I present. I have had a couple of people look at me a little funny, but for the most part, I pass.

Yesterday, I went to a local gas station to purchase cigarettes. Yes, bad habit. But it is quite legal. I asked the woman behind the counter for a pack of my brand, which she got out, then asked for my ID. I said, "sure," and she said, "yeah, that's right!"

I showed her my ID, she looked at it a moment, then picked up the cigarettes and started to put them back behind the counter. She said, "you don't want these, do you?" When I said of course I did, she said, "well, you don't have to cop an attitude. I don't have to sell you these." I told her I wasn't giving her an attitude, and put my money on the counter. She said, "no. You're not buying these here. Get out."
I was aghast. I asked if I could speak with her manager, and she said he/she was not there. I asked for the manager's name, and she said, "No. I can't tell you that. Get out. Just leave."

I could not believe how I had been treated. No, I do not know for certain that she reacted so harshly because I look like a man but my ID says female. I don't know that. She was being slightly testy prior to seeing my ID, but escalated once she had. I, mind you, was born in 1982, and am thus 6 years past the date needed to buy cigarettes. There was nothing illegal in my buying them. She said nothing indicating she doubted the validity of my identification card. I went to another location of the same chain gas station and bought the same cigarettes with no difficulty; when I told them of the situation I had just encountered they were astonished. I will be contacting the store manager at this gas station to inform him/her of the situation.

Again, I am not saying outright that this was caused by my being TS, or my being read as TS. I am saying I cannot imagine why anyone would treat another person in such a manner.


Go for it Rafe, you've got nothing to loose.  I would contact them in person and in writing, making sure that you CC the owners of the gas station, and the "Better Business Bureau", and any Human Rights Office in the area just to show them you mean business.


I am so sorry, Rafe, that you had to go through this horrible incident. have no idea how I would have loved to be there with you!  >:( >:(
My poor liver is saying "Stop Tink, you are killing me with your anger!", so I'd better calm down for now...

Try to contact them in person, by mail, by telephone, by email, by whatever means...this is just not right and has to stop! >:(

tinkerbell :icon_chick:

I'd sue for discrimination.  For whatever reason she would not sell them to you, it seems clear that it was discriminatory.


Lady at the TG support group likes to tell the story of the night she got some bigoted schmuck's job.

She was going through the drive-through, and trying to get her recently-developed female voice loud enough to be heard over a rumpety Cummins-diesel-powered SUV behind her.

The bigot on the other end of the box finally said, after rising frustration having her repeat parts of the order, "What ARE you??? Some kind of FAGGOT!!!?????"

Stephanie waited to visually identify the voice that had spoken those words, paid for her order, then marched inside and demanded to see the manager.

"What can I do for you, ma'am?"

"I want his job!", and she proceeded to explain the incident, and told the manager he did not want such a person working for his store.  She then assured him that if she didn't get a letter stating the bigot had been fired over the incident, she would sue the corporation for discrimination and abusing her civil rights.

She got the letter.

It reminds me of how I survived in Junior High and High School by fighting back when necessary.  I NEVER took pleasure in it, but I noted that afterwards my tormentors kept a respectful distance.



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