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I bet she thought you were the sexiest damn thing to walk into her lame, overpriced gas station crisp-packed store at which she gets paid minimum wage to work at, and when she saw your ID had an immediate moment of sexual insecurity at seeing how you were a "chick."

She was just having PMS. Don't worry dude. I don't get chicks either.
But I try.
I really, really try. @_O

Careful Draeden...  I freakin hated it when I was presenting as a female and people used the "Whatever, PMS, she's a chick" line to invalidate my actions and emotions - I'm not defending this horrible person, I'm just saying, we FTMs sometimes fall into mysogynistic lines of thought.  Women are accountable for their behavior at all times, and so are we.

Discrimination i'll bite on that a little..
Honestly working in the customer service world & OH WHAT A PLEASURE IT IS >:(
I think number one she may of read a little of you then your id maybe rectified her feelings.. So then the homophobia attitude starts, you're not normal to my world i live in get out of it and do not come into my space.. Love these closed minded people ooh so much!
So that goes to number 2.  wrong is wrong does not matter if you were in a gorilla outfit, she should of been courteous, friendly, service orientated and waited on you like any other customer. 
number 3 hearing your side tells me (age not withstanding) she was immature and not very well trained.  She could of just nicely said "sorry you can understand my confusion with this as long as i can assertain this is a valid dl i'd be more than happy to sell you the cigarettes, please be patient with me i do not want to get in trouble or lose my job and do the wrong thing."...
How hard is this?
God!  I know Mikko i am not defending her one bit if this was one of my employees and they did this i honestly would feel i would have to suspend or fire them for completely innappropriate actions and customer service.
World as proven evryday and people as proven everyday are not all nice!
Hang in there!
This will make you feel better..
I have a postal money order called the po yesterday to get staurday window times guy says 8:00am-12:00pm, i go at 8:30am (this is 4 miles accross town) and the doors locked sign says 9:00am-12:00m, go back at 9:15am wait in line the postal cashier says i cannot cash this i only have 100.00 in my drawer i just opened? (the stupid check is only 150.00) he starts on about driving to the next town over to their post office.. and he kept just stating it all over and over i only have this in my drawer, da da da.. there are like 4 people behind me in line i lose patience i nicely say you know if you stop talking and listen to me maybe you will understand why i am upset and what my issues are! and i quickly stated the two trips thus far, that the next town is 24 mile round trip drive which is retarded to even suggest-since there is a po 4 miles from me? DAH,  and if i come back at 11:45am i better not hear some story about not having enough money to cash a dumb check for 150.00, he started rambling on again i walked away barking you do not have to explain anything to me i'll be back, (hehe swartzenager, I'll be back!  dude oh my god man the guy could be like a nut job and when i go back he could attack me or something>  commit one of those postal episodes? ugghh)

Posted on: October 28, 2006, 09:04:02 AMthird trip to the post office, did it i got my check cashed and the guy apologized and all is right with the world now!


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