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--- Quote from: Ricki on November 02, 2006, 08:20:55 pm ---If we were in a bathroom stall say a unisex one and goerge bush came into the rest room got in started farting-doing his business and just said "hi there" over to your stall would any one of us even know it was him??????
riddle me this Riddle me that..........

--- End quote ---

I probably wouldn't recognize him until he tried to put together a complete sentence..... then I would.


   I agree with Brianna entirely, however, when I am at this web site or talking with people, I work very hard at avoiding the topic of the grotesque beast that freely roams about the halls of the White House.

   I work very hard indeed. In fact, I am signing off now in order to avoid my making comments that are so very dehumanizing that they will take me down too.

   I think my blood pressure just shot up. Must.. type... my name .. must... leave... this topic... must... sign... off


Sorry rebecca i would not want to share a nearby stall either ...
Cindianna that was hilarious i got a great laugh out of your reply and i needed that after a long day and week from work thannk you!


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