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Do you play an instrument...

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...and does it make you feel better?

I used to be a rather accomplished pianist and knew my way around a violin...and composed music that lots of people liked. I played in a band for a while, but I couldn't really write commercial grade music so I played keyboards and wrote lyrics, while my friend composed the music and sang. The thing is, he kept dating female band members and we could never form a steady group  :eusa_snooty:

Anyway playing the piano used to really help me to feel better. I tried the other day and wow am I out of practice, and I'm thinking about using that available energy to learn the guitar instead. I quit playing the piano years ago because it dissolves my walls and barriers just as effectively as therapy and Celexa has, and at the time I needed those walls to survive.

Do you play anything? Is it rewarding for you on an emotional level or just something you do for fun?

Hi Becca,

I play guitars and sing. However, I find it very very difficult to play with any depth if I am unhappy. This bird can't sing if she isn't happy!

Having had a professional position for several years I also have times when it just feels like more work. That's when I put it down for a while and do something else-like stained glass, or go ride my motorcycle.

I have been building a small studio room in my attic for a couple of years and have just begun to put tracks into my computer. Hopefully I will have something to post online soon-if I can just get the computer in tune! To answer your question-yes it does make me happy.

Randi 8)

Does a CD player or radio count?  That is about the only thing I play.  ;D

Sorry Becca,
Hugs and Love

I've been playing bass for a while and although my professional CW days are long gone - I can still play some mean jazz and rock boxes.

It doesn't require quite the same precision as my 6-strings, and after my peripheral neuropathy, it's a blessing to play anything again.

Currently working on Santana's , Jobim's and Bugs Henderson's music - I prefer Road House Blues to most other forms. SRV gets me excited too.

What do I play?  Mostly French Horn.  But I can also play keyboards, percussion, and any brass or woodwind instrument out there.  (I used to be a music teacher.)  I know the basics of strings, guitar & banjo, but never was very good at them.
Aside from the horn though, I haven't played most of them in years.


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