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Lap Steel  and slide guitar, bass and trying to learn trumpet.  I came back to playing after a break of quite a few years.
I have a Monterey single-cone resonator acoustic and a home made electric steel. Mostly I play blues based stuff on guitar, but am trying to get into jazz bass.
 I picked up a trumpet at a price that was too good to miss and am still trying to get the basics sorted.

A bit obscure, but I (attempt) to badly play the Japanese Shakuhachi. It's an end-blown bamboo flute that attributes a great part of its history to being associated with Zen Buddhism (specifically Sui-Zen). It is touted as being one of the simplest (construction) non-percussive instrument in the world - i.e. a bamboo tube with five holes and an angled blowing edge. It is also reputed to be the most difficult/complex woodwind instruments in the world to play. And I play it rather poorly after some 20 years of lackadaisical attempts at practicing.

Actually, when I started, I played/practiced every day and had gotten almost pretty fairly kinda almost half decent - of course I had a teacher then. For the past fifteen years, I have been without a teacher and have lost almost all of the self-discipline needed to sit down and practice, so I have gotten quite pathetically ignorant of the ability to play anything but the first piece I learned. Also the music is all in Japanese notation (not that matters, I couldn't read western music notation any better).

It is a beautiful instrument and I have six of them in various sizes and styles (root-end ji-ari, root-end ji-nashi, non-root end ji-nashi, non-root end black bamboo ji-nashi, 1.8 shaku to 3.0 shaku).

Someday, I'll revisit them and start playing (my therapist has been telling me I should).

NDelible Gurl:
Wow. It's been awhile but I used to play either the trumpet, treble baritone, and the saxophone in grade school. I really want to pick up piano soon. One thing I noticed in grade school about band was how many GLBT students were enrolled. If I remember correctly I think it had to do with the choice of either P.E., Band, or JROTC.


I wish! I sing. I am a reasonable contralto but sadly I've no one to accompany me.  :(

I play guitar, and was in a  band until last week. I sing, but not as much as I did before I tried recording my voice and realized how f*ing HIGH it is - I'm a first soprano. >.<
Emotional reasons? I suppose, it helps calm me down, or gear me up, depending what kind of music I'm playing. Listening to music does that too, but not to such an extent.


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