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EZ Linus:
I'm a drummer and have been playing all my life, played professionally for about 15 years, then became disabled and haven't played much since.

I want to play the flute or clarinet.

i play the guitar, not well, but I have fun

We had a piano when I was a kid. I'd plonk around on it fairly well so my parents got me lessons, I hated it, in hindsight I feel bad for my poor teacher, I had no intrest in theory or learning twinkle twinkle little star. As soon as my teacher had left I'd hammer out Primal Scream and Fatboy slim riffs... it was all you heard on the radio in the early 90's and it sunk in to my head. I latched on pretty early to music, rock, prog and electronica became somewhat of an obsession.

In my teenage years I played bass guitar in the school band, after that I picked up guitar and have been playing in and out of bands ever since. Sitting down and playing is a real escape for me, its a place i can explore my feelings and kind of let it all out, I find it very grounding.

I'm also into making electronic music, I put out some EP's years ago. I have a little project studio with a few synths and a modular, I've not made many recordings of late but I love sitting there and traveling space for a while.


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