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Recently I've become aware and interested in Ayurveda. I've studied Zen casually for years and I'm suprised it never piqued my interest before. I'm just learning about Doshas and diet and am trying to conform. My reason is for better health especially with digestion. I have a chronic condition which is Multiple Sclerosis. I feel pretty good and eat relatively healthy and do transcendental meditation twice a day but I'm looking for more. More energy, less pain and fatigue.

 So I guess I'm asking if anyone has had experience with Ayurveda, good or bad and with ashwagandha, the herb.

My son's baby momma is an herbalist and soon will be certified to advise on Ayuraveda so I'll should have a good local resource but I'm interested in all opinions. Thanks

I've had some experience with ayurvedic medicine thanks to many years in Asia.

Some of it really works very well, especially minor remedies for stomach upsets etc..  I remember having one such tonic and it worked brilliantly.  Note that this uses real, measurable quantities of active ingredients derived from local vegetation - and is absolutely NOT that "drop in the ocean" diluted BS called homeopathy.

Some of it is utter nonsense, though.  Too many people die of snake bites because their local ayurvedic medicine person told them to put them in a box and pack various leaves around them instead of trying to get to a hospital immediately.

Bottom line is that it's a mixture of genuinely efficacious plant extracts (for treating mild ailments) and a whole heap of superstitious hooey for everything else.

Believing in a cure and having it help has been proved with the placebo effect. Eating healthy and exercising and sleep all help your wellbeing. Some things just do not have cures only drugs to mask the inevitable.

Thanks fine wine and lisagurl, I'm realistic about my expectations and hardly expect a cure but my goal of being healthier, limiting progression of MS and getting my GI system operating better I hope can be achieved.
 I was intived to a lecture  this Wednesday to learn more and to help me make a decision of how this new thing will meld into my life. At present I have no illusions that it will negate the need for all the medications I currently take but for me any pharma drug any the associated side effects I will be able to  drop will be a measure of efficacy.

I am heading an NGO in New Delhi India and the NGO is running three clinics of Ayurvada consultation and treatment.

Besides the NGO runs a PANCHAKARMA center which caters to the patients of High Blood Pressure Diabtese , obesity and skin Related problems. Patients of Arthritis and bone related ailments are treated with conviction and positive results. The snake bite incident posted by finewine is not only anaberration but also the handiwork of uneducated persons who misuse the name of Ayurveda.

We assure results and relif to patients.

In fact the Ayurveda and Panchakarma belive in keeping a healthy person fit and treating a sick peson to healthy.


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