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Hi there,

I would love to share my experience with ayurveda as per a trans-woman, and I would also appreciate anyones experiences or tips as well.

I started to practice ayurveda around 8 years ago, long before my transition. What I am especially thank to regarding my transition is the beauty care.
I do abhyanga massage every other day for the whole body with sezame oil and essential aroma oils. Some guys dont believe me my age (38) as my skin looks much younger and therefore more feminine. But this is also thank to the diet and yoga practice. All in ayurveda targets somehow how to stay younger.
So during my transition I added cosmetics as well - daily facial skin care, cutton dress, organic makeup etc.

what was not so helpful was, that I did ashtanga vinyasa yoga for couple of years, so my shoulders grew bigger. So I started to do hatha yoga instead, and added some butt and abdominal exercises.

What helped me psychologicaly was a good astrologic chart, which confirmed my LBGT identity. This is a bit tricky part, but the sole fact that ayurveda has been respecting trans-women for thousands of years quite a lot helped me to be more confident.

Also, ayurveda and yoga helped me to stay calm and happy, and to be overall accepting. Also, ayurvedic guidelines for sex helped to find my orientation and what I truly want in a faster way.

Because ayurvedic teaching on transgender was suppressed by british and arabic governments in India for several hundreds of years, it is hard to find relevant information today, when only few months ago LGBT was legalised in India.

 I would like to know, for example, how to feminize myself more with ayurveda. Also, the management of so called ojas and tejas energy could be an issue. And of course, there is the thing with surgery. I am not sure that I want to do it, even if I want. From organic medicine point of view, hormones and surgery has a brutal impact on the body. But I am open, and I dont want to be fanatic. I would rather find out more about what present ayurveda practicioners think about it.

But if I will want to stay a bit more non-binary, than ayurveda again offer some support, as it acknowledges that we are all mixed male and female principles, and that we should be looking for our true nature instead of trying to fit in a category.

Good morning Kim.h,

I noticed that this is your first post here on Susan's Place.

I would like to officially welcome you here and let you know that Susan's Place is for anyone with gender related issues. We are moderated to keep this site family friendly as we have many members here who are underage. The moderation rules are listed in the Terms of Service. I will put links to the ToS and other useful information below.

Again welcome and your post is interesting, to say the least.

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thank you for introducing and remining me of the rules.
A apolologize a lot. I will adjust my postings for children. I would be much happier person, if I knew about tantra and ayurveda from my childhood, but surely only when tought by my parents or guru and not from the internet.
So if anybody is interested, i would be happy to share my little knowledge on other aspects of this science.


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