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Spokane TG imprisoned

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Has anyone seen any news coverage of this? I saw it posted on livejournal:
Be glad you're not in Spokane. I am. Be sorry that you're not in Spokane right -now I am.

From others by way of epanther--

Yeah, that's a shock. Thank you anthonygabriel for the info

kimpossible68 is reporting to the County Jail for 7 days tomorrow. Kim is being held in contempt of court for being <not allowed> and refusing to dress like a man in order to get a job. Kim, a full time student and parent of two awesome girls, has been ordered to pay $1000 a month in child support. After losing her previous job because she was outed, the judge refused to reduce the amount of the support order and held Kim in contempt saying that being <not allowed> "is a choice, just like being a punk rocker". In the past, Kim has been ordered not to pick her girls up at school because having a <not allowed> parent will embarrass them. (No one asked the girls, by the way)

Kim is to report to County Jail at 10 a.m. At 9 a.m. we want all fair minded people to show up and make some noise. Let's give Kim a big sendoff and show the court that <not allowed> people have our support and discrimination will not go be tolerated.

For more info on Kim's story, listen to KYRS (92.3 or 95.3 fm) today at 4 p.m., Kim will be interviewed on the show Queer Sounds. For those not in Spokane, click here and you can listen via webcast. Call in at 509.747.3807 wherever you are to show your support.

Kim volunteers for Stop The Clock and CounterCrisis NW, she is a caring, generous friend and she got the Spokane audience to give her a three minute ovation after she performed in the Vagina Monologues. In other words, she's completely amazing.

Cross post this everywhere you like

To bad she isn't in financial condition to go after this judge,  In the first place $1000 a month is a little steep for an out of work full time student.  Most get by with less then half that with good jobs.  And I suppose they will cut her hair and throw her in with the male population to boot.  I could understand a percentage of income, but a fixed rate that steep no matter what the income?

Would sure like to give that Judge a few "choices".

This one can use all the support possible, if for nothing else, to keep her in public eye for pure safety.


I haven't seen this story in the media anywhere yet. This was just a livejournal post, so it could be false.

If it is true, it sounds like what happened was that her child support was set at a level appropriate to her income, then she lost her job. She went back to school and was looking for work, but couldn't find it. It sounds like the judge refused to vary the child support because he decided that she could dress male and find a job that would allow her to pay child support and her refusal to do so and failure to pay child support was enough to chuck her in jail.

If it's the same as here, the basic law is that parents have a duty to provide for their children the best they can, so they have to maximize their earning potential. Pretty abhorrent application of it in this case if it did happen like it says.


This would not be the first time that a false statement was made.

There was accusations made here about a TG person being put in jail and not recieving proper treatment.  I talked to the Bias Crimes detective and the precinct commander, a woman, and heard a totally different version.  Other wirnesses came forward that invalidated her story.

A case in Washington state.  A woman was shot and killed, supposedly for no or little reason.  The real story was she went after the officer during a traffic stop with a hammer.

I tried to find any reference to this person online and found nothing otrher than the LJ report and posting on different forums.  If it happened the way it was stated then that is comtemptible.  However maybe this person didn't stop to think exactly what transition would do to their employment and family responsibilities.  One website claimed that the wife went to the employer and outed her. 

Until a reputable website runs this as news I am going to reserve judement.

I have been all over the state of Washington and have never had one seconds problem.  I don't go the the queer friendly places as my only outlet with the exception of places that are known to be Lesbian owned or orientated establishments. 

I agree Leigh, I haven't seen a reputable account of this yet. I'm becoming more suspicious of the way it was reported.



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