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Spokane TG imprisoned

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Just pants?  No other clothes or were the rest mens clothes?

I live in Spkane.  While the thought of this happening scares the daylights out of me, I do not know of it happening.  Let's remember to not be scared by these idiotict reports and stay strong.  No one is in jail here because of failing to pay child support.   Just to reassure my sisters out there.  It is a bunch of nonsense.    ^-^

When I was living in California I was kind of a bad girl.  >:DI had to serve time in both L.A. and Contra Costa county jails. Thankfully gay and trans inmates were segregated from the general population. We were not made to cut our hair, we were given the appropriate undergarments (bras etc) and the state paid for our hrt. In fact I knew a few girls who actually went to jail on purpose when they became out of work and could no longer afford hrt. Thank jeebus I didn't live in Washington! I did think it was kind of counter productive punishing criminals by putting them in situations where their hormones were paid for and they were allowed to have relations with each other. By allowed I mean we weren't stopped. In fact, except for the daily head count, we never saw the guards unless they were bringing us food.


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