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a pedicure cure ?


Ok I know that this is going to sound stupid but what can I say I gotta ask.  I don't want to gross anyone out here either but I have a problem with my feet--basically I have to have the ugliest feet in the world, my nails are dry and brittle and cracked and uneven etc--you get the piccture I hope.
   My question is this I am unable right now to go and have aprofessional pedicure (and really would be embarresed to have someone else work on my feet in these conditions), so I was wondering if nyone had any suggestions to how I could help them out a little bit.  I have tried buffing them with a finger nail file and painting them but they still look pretty gross.  Is there some special treatment or technigue that I am missing or a home pedicure kit or anything.
   Thanks for any advice given.


It seems like the point of a pedicure is to get nails from an ugly looking state to something presentable.  By the way, if your nails are thick and cracked looking, it is probably a fungus.  Talk to your doctor about something called Lamisil that's supposed to help with that.  You can also do a search on the web to get more information about it if it sounds right for you.


Melissa is dead on.

Most discoloration and cracked, chalky toenails comes from a fungus that lives under the nail.

Yep...there is a fungus amungus.  Not sure of the exact cause of this, but it is very common and not based on your hygiene.  As the fungus is Under the nails, about the only way to get rid of it is taking pills everyday for a year.  There are topical treatments that can help reduce the symptoms, but may not cure it.

Visit your local physician for more information.

......Plain ol' Laurie---NOT Dr. Laurie


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