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Merry Christmas!

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fairies in Australia get 3 major holidays all in the same week- Solstice, Christmas, and Boxing Day. (Not counting Cookie Baking Day, Shopping Day again and again, Drinking Old Wine From the Cellar Day, and other important remembrances.)

So for all those days, we down under faeries wish you Joy, Peace, and Love, now and for the year ahead.

edited to remove images, sorry

I get boxing day where I am too.

Nice render, I see Santa hasn't come yet, though. ;)

Merry Christmas, FairyGirl.  I absolutely love your work.


V M:
You know I love your work.....

But the poor girl didn't get any presents and now she needs to tinkle

Not to mention she'd had her way with the milk and cookies set out for Santa and turned up the flames in the fire place  :laugh:

Merry Christmas Chloe

.......What fun would it be if I didn't kid you a bit?

I love the expression on the doll!


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