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I am not spanish i am mostly serbian but living in the US there is such a big push for the spanish language in this country and a lot of debate about people learning it?  Why cannot spanish speaking individuals coming into this country learn the english language?  when you call into my banks automated service it has recording in english first then spanish for cryin out loud?
I do not get it?
For any country as a rule?  If i go to greece and they speak with an english tongue great but if i go to a country that does not and move there why should i expect that country to make all its citizens learn my language?
Sorry and please if anyone of spanish descent reads or replies this is not meant ot insult or upset just my thoughts

I agree with you Ricki.  "When in Rome, do what Romans do", right?

I guess people are just getting lazy and don't want lo learn; that's the only reason that comes to mind, for ESL classes are offerred in most community colleges or adult schools and they are FREE.  It takes time, it takes effort, it takes determination,  but it can be done....

....and another thing coming from a Spanish-native speaker, the "supposed translated Spanish" I hear or read IS NOT the Spanish I know, for it sounds more like span-glish or something else to me... >:(

tinkerbell :icon_chick:

Thanks Tinkerbell, its just weird and frustrating?  gee i have a good idea lets mandate that we make everyone study up on gender issues and accept them?
I'm a genius! hehe
Wishfull thinking i know!

              Most hispanic immigrants want to learn english and most do in time. The reason there seems to be many who only speak only spanish is because there are so very many that have immigrated in recent years. Large numbers mean large communities where spanish is used and this allows those who are new to function without english. Basic services like applying for welfare or health care should have forms in all needed languages. Things like drivers licences or voting should only be in english. There is too much information that would not be available to non english speaking voters.


I could not disagree more strongly with anyone that enforces the opinion that white culture is the only allowable one. It's like the people that say bianary gender hedgenomy is a good idea because they have no care or concept of people that can't fit into that system.

Dejar de la imperialismo de las personas blancas en la Estados Unidos.


ps- Learn Spanish.


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