Author Topic: Using Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for Susan's Chat  (Read 5448 times)

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Using Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for Susan's Chat
« on: December 30, 2009, 01:01:17 am »
Tired of the little text window at the www Chat site? Wish you could see what was happening in other rooms? This information is posted to encourage greater use of IRC applications and Susan's IRC server for our Chat service.

Benefits of IRC clients, such as MIRC, include the choice of full screen for a room (channel) or multiple screens that allow simultaneous access to several rooms.

Susan's chat rooms include #Chat, #TSTalk, #CDTalk, #ISTalk, #FTMTalk, #Androgyne, #SOTalk, and #Help.

To set up your IRC client to connect to Susan's Chat use the following information:

     Name: Susan's Place
     Port: 6667
     (If the standard port is blocked by your ISP, try port 7177.)

The use of automated IRC scripts other than a login script is prohibited.

Try IRC for an even better Chat experience.


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