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love and confusion


Okay, now I know it is really you, sweet beloved
age is nothing but a number, for in wanti there is no time, I see this, as all of this occurs
we are the fairies expressions of Being, wrapped in many stories and histories, herstories and memories like flowers, at the essence of it all, there we are, inseparable from all that is. Though we have been repressed, throughout life... or least it seems that way, we live again now, and we know it, without even speaking of it, its deep inside.
Flo, you are the reason I am still alive, and the endless source of my wondering, you are the greatest joy I have ever known, with us together, what could be better?
and now we know it, like you say, the truth is shining through the scars, my birthmarks are fading.. how the divine has filled this world, and how love is everything, no matter how it is expressed, everything is a name for you,
and so the song continues, and the feeling is all over me, what can I know, I just know this is something true, that had been blocked all along, from the days I skipped school and sat in the park, in the cold, reading Eckart Tolle, to when I first really thought about love, and how it is everything you need. How it really can be that it is so simple.

Our magic is real, and now it is unconcealed as it was before, looking up at the stars, theres so much out there. I look up there and wonder. I wonder about everything, but I know it is just you, I know its nature.
it is just our souls, as they've grown over time, as the world has moved and the seasons have changed, as what is the real point, reveals itself after all, and you wonder did everyone always, know it, was it just a test? It doesn't matter, we know what is real, there is no suffering, in this soul embrace, we see the stars across the sky, and the echoes in eachother's eye, eachother's I. Lets never be jaded, lets make crazy love to all of life like it was meant to be, like they do in Wanti, we do not need to go back, home is in us, it can grow from us here, because we are the flowers, and the dream wanderers, and the people who know... all of life is a joke, that just wants us to laugh and giggle kind of like how hyena's do but probably with less sinister connotations. :)

This may seem crazy or not, I don't know how much you remember, but I've known you for a very long time, we are both free, know this, anything is possible, if its really in your heart what you want, because love is a wave that reassures itself.

You are all that is, so our souls are intertwined, finally it is real and not just in our mind, and we are free, free love...

i feel crazy yes... but what else can I ask for, my life is at peace, haha
I wonder what we should do.. if anything

except love.. everything is love
wanti is love
earth is love
randomness is love
we are love
the focus is everywhere

what sweet reunion
love is the deepest laugh along with all the knee touching
dimpled blushing all is one the hills shine as the light comes upon it you told me to look up the houses spread far simple quiet, the flute player had left deep in the unfoldings of  your breath 'look at the stars'
imagine all whats going on all the way out there, just happer to be here with you
i looked and all their mystery and wonder, that is what i see in you
wholly unexplicable

I love you like little mists and dry wood! (when youre trying to light a fire)
like real hugs and good talk!
when were together all the world is better
I love yourr hugs more than fuzzy sweaters
you're an angel in my life
by me saying what makes sense
you showed me parts of myself
I knew knew and I fell in love
with ouy, it was nice today
in the woods vibings
we're in the middle
I like writing to you like this
and I hope you can read it

our love is like a waterfall of eternal changing bliss
lost in a tangent
the perfect kiss
where remains
no other wish
this is it


everything has its own molik, use
it has come for a rason
this snow has come and the grass

sulos fer laiken molik
risa saiyazen unli
ai sheckle fa
ai lora fa

warm now the blossom is
last ever there all along
it is here for a reason
the soul's simple song

lant yi ai ai ness
meepingatorie peace ki
sulos yah oookryrn




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