Author Topic: Senate Minority Leader (A Democrat)Says (Indirectly) That We Must Vote GOP in 08  (Read 3431 times)

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Link here

The quote I am playing with is this one:

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., echoing Pelosi, said the election shows "we must change course in Iraq."

More broadly, he said, Americans "have come to the conclusion, as we did some time ago, that a one-party town simply doesn't work."

So in order to make sure it is not a one party town (which does not work) then we MUST vote in another Republican president.  So which one will you vote for? 



I don't vote party line, I never have. I'm registered republican, but don't follow the the party line. I vote all over the board. I really don't think you should vote your party. They are politicians and they are all alike. Vote for the person and not the party.


Sheila, I might have agreed with you some time ago.  But now the party candidates now operate in goosestep to the party line.  I haven't seen too many politicians with independent thought.  I'd like to see that attitude re-emerge.