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Selective Service Exemption Letter

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No one may register after their 26th birthday.   If you are 26+, you can still apply for the SIL though.

If you go to the transequality website, under their resources there is a pdf document about the selective service and how it impacts transgender individuals.

V M:
I wouldn't worry about it much... The likely hood of getting drafted is pretty slim in the U.S....

If you want to join up... Go see a recruiter

Yes, I registered when I was 18

I guess I should go read about it some more. There were some exception about veterans having a DD214 so I will check that out. Having already served in the military, but it was under my old name but same SSN.
I will research more.
Thanks Myles

I don't remember the time frame.  I do remember I forgot to enclose the pertinent documentation (duh!) so it came back for that. 

It sits in my safe with my other transition-related papers.


I'm not sure of your age but I thought all men were exempt from being drafted after the age of 35. Did that change with the wars starting?


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