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A Time of Transition
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A Time of Transition
Just Out
By Amanda Waldroupe
05 March, 2010

The only customers at Southeast Portland’s Hutch Restaurant on Tuesday, February 16 are twenty-five middle-aged women having dinner and drinks at four tables.

Dinner continues with seemingly no other purpose than socializing when halfway through, Susan LaLone stands, silencing everyone with a loud whistle. She begins the monthly regimen of announcements detailing the Northwest Gender Alliance’s latest happenings and events.

Members ask questions and make suggestions. Afterward, LaLone, NWGA’s president, gives a last opportunity for miscellaneous announcements. A younger woman in the back raises her hand and stands up. It is her second NWGA meeting.

“Last time, I came as Mike,” she says. “This is my first night as Julie.”


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I actually have been invited to the 30th anniversary and was a member many many years ago.  But my circumstances may not allow me to go  And I know Reid personally, because he is my therapist.