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Doing Male Mitzvot?

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Now let me just start off by saying I'm reform so there are really no official male and female mitzvot for us (besides circumscision of course...), but I still feel a little award doing things that are traditionally male.  I would love to wear a kippah to services and there are one or two women at my synagogue who wear obviously women's kippot but for some reason I still feel awkward wearing one while not being out to the congregation (especially since mine most certainly wouldn't be a frilly pink one or a beaded one) even though I KNOW no one would really think much of it.  And being the first born of my family and having nothing but sisters, I almost feel like I should participate in the fast of the first born male before Passover.  But another part of me would feel weird doing that.  I wonder if God took gender identity into consideration when he killed the first born male or if He went solely by plumbing...  Ugg.

I am not a Jew of any form. Do not have any idea of the first idea.
But I do know that in some cultures the eldest daughter takes the responsibility of a son if only daughters are born.
I do believe that we have a divine entity that has expectations of us. I think that each of us are supossed to Worship in the fashion we believe in our hearts is Gods will. So Jews must be good Jews and Hindus good Hindus and so forth for all the varios faith systems.
If you are male in soul and eventualy body and you know yourself to be a man are you not a man? And as a man of the Jewish faith are you not suposed to fulfil certain obligations? What are the social and religious obligations that you should fulfil as a Jewish man?

Hey Devin87,
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The rabbi totally made me one of the four sons at the seder tonight.   ;D


--- Quote from: Devin87 on March 30, 2010, 07:35:59 pm ---The rabbi totally made me one of the four sons at the seder tonight.   ;D

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Sounds like religious acceptance to me.
Very cool!


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