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So how does one find a guy who's cool with the gender gap?

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I've been reading Stephen Fry's autobiography Moab is My Washpot.  At one point, in reference to the question, "When did you know you were gay?" he quotes a friend of his saying that on the day of his birth he looked back and thought, "That's the last time I'm going up one of those!"

Of course, I laughed.  But it also reminded me how tough it's likely to be finding a guy who is cool with dating a man with a yoni.  So, how does one find a guy who likes men, but isn't totally squicked by girl parts?  I've considered signing up for bi-dating sites, but a) I'm not bi  and b) I haven't found one that is aimed at people looking for serious relationships, rather than one night hook-ups.  (Not that I've put in a lot of hours searching.  Any recommendations would be appreciated.)  Since I don't drink, the gay bar scene doesn't appeal greatly, though I may give it a shot.  Any other suggestions?

I wish I knew. I'm "totally squicked by girl parts," yet I want a guy who isn't bothered by mine. I think you have to meet people in the usual ways and just get lucky.

Yeah, I completely know what you mean. I want something in a guy (willingness to deal with girl parts) that I'm not exactly able to provide myself (they're icky!) Straight guys, of course, don't have a problem with this, but they don't like men, so when I'm with them I'm being seen as a girl, and they'll lose all interest when I physically transition. Gay guys...I don't even have the nerve to ask, although intellectually I know that some people in our situation have had a lot of success.

I know of a guy who had a profile on Adam4Adam. When he put his...genital status...on the profile, he attracted all the wrong kinds of people. When he didn't, he divulged his status on the first date. Without exception, all of the guys left as soon as they knew. I've never been interested in meeting men online, so I've never used any of these sites. But I've always had the impression that A4A is more of a hookup site than a dating site.

Jamie, would you be open to a relationship with a fellow FTM?


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Jamie, would you be open to a relationship with a fellow FTM?

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Why?  You offering?  :D ;)

Yes, I would, although he would have to have been on T long enough to look completely male.  I prefer guy parts, but I can deal with girl parts. 


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