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hi from uk

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hi i am rachael and am from the uk
i am curently waiting for an appointment at charing cross london after being refered from my local doctor and psych but it seems to be takeing a long time without hearing anything  ( my last appointment with the local guys was 5 months ago)
i do hope things start to move along soon

Hello Rachael, nice to meet you
good luck with your journey

Hello Rachael and welcome to Susan’s most wonderful place!

I hope everything works out without problems and soon for you!

Hello Rachael,

Maybe you can give your psych a call to be sure all is well, sometimes institutions have a way of misplacing things.  I know that all will turn out well for you.

thanks all for your support
today things have moved a little. i have had a letter from the clinic in london asking me to confirm i still want an appointment. so at least i know that they have had the referal

the best part is they say i wont get an appointment if i dont reply within two weeks yet it took them 5 months to write to me
i will let you know what happens



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