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No one talks about the Wiki!  Does that mean it's perfect the way it is or that no one uses it?

Please, if you read out transgender Wiki and find something that could be improved or notice we got something wrong, let us know!  If there's a comment that you'd like to make about an article, you're more than welcome to do so here as well.

Feedback from users is not only appreciated, it's necessary for this part of Susan's to become as perfect as we can make it.  Thanks!

hugs & smiles

hi emelye told you i cant sleep lol nice to see who i was talking to in chat ill be sure to help when i can with the wiki

Bump for awareness in this lonely corner of the site. We got free info! Free info here! Click on the wiki link up there at the top of the page. / pitch

By nature wikis are used, not commented on - unless they are way off base.  Count the hits, that should tell you all you need to know about how many people are checking it out.

I have to admit I never use wiki for anything of substance. I'm sure it has good stuff but there is lot of dross. In general I feel  it is good for quiz programs etc.  However I must say that the TG sites on wiki seem to be very well written.



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