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The next autumn I am going to begin the legal battle agains the DOD. I hope support from other members of transcommunity. This will become public issue in my homecountry  after our ''pro human right''- president decided not to to intervene. Thank you very much for your support for human rights for all people, madam president.  >:-)

What legal battle? What country?

Details please. I can't support anything when I have no details.


you sound familiar?? still having troubles K??

This is regarding to Finland. We have a law about legal gender recognition but the DOD refuses to follow it. Two members of our parliament made a written question to the secretery of defense who managed to dodge to giving a direct answer why the law is not followed. This is the answer ( translated to poor English)that the president Halonen who claims (only!!!)  to support human rights has given:

The president has received your message where you wrote about the unjust treatment of transsexuals relating to the military service. We thank you for bringing this important issue to out.

However the role of the president is determined in the constitution and in the other laws. This issue does not belong under her duties determined by the law. The president cannot do anything for the issue.

 >:( >:( >:(

Keep us posted.

I will do whatever is within my ability and power.


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