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hello, it's me! (again)


Hello it's me (again),

It is so nice to be back here with you all. Everyone is so very nice here.

I am in my 50's and M2F transexual. I am not living full time yet but have been on hrt for about 10 weeks. Full time will come sometime after we move in august and get settled in the portland area. I am lesbian and have the most wonderful and beautiful partner who knew the real me when we met. I am happier now then i have ever been.

Thanks for all the advice and support you have all given me and for all i will recieve here in the future. :)

Rehi Beth.
I look forward to reading your posts again


*HUGS Beth*

Very big ReHi and ReWelcome Beth!

These wonderful forums simply would not be the same without you.

awwwww............ :)  You all are so sweet!

 thank you so very much Nyssa, i really enjoy reading your posts too.

thank you 4years for the HUGS and the kind words you always have for everyone.


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