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Well, I had my first therapy session yesterday (8/2/05).  The hardest part was walking in the door!

It was good talking with someone who has an objective perspective.  She asked a lot of good questions.  Some I had answers for, many I did not.  But that's okay.  I went in trying not to prejudge & predetermine who I am.  (If I already knew that, why go to therapy?!)  One comment she made at the end of the session is that my feminine / female side does not appear to be a fetish. (It was nice to hear that from a professional!) 

Perhaps the nicest thing she said came whan I showed her a photo of me en fem.  (I went to this first session in male mode.)  Her comment was that I looked very comfortable with myself presenting as a woman.

I have homework!  My therapist wants me to write down my perception of what it means to be a woman.

I'm not sure where this journey will end, but I believe that I have embarked on a great adventure!



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A hearty congratulations, on your therapy session Chaunte. Going in honest and not prejudicing the first session was a good thing to do. I'm sure you got a much more honest impression from the therapist then you would have and sounds like her reaction to you was big moral booster.

Don't forget to do your homework and don't wait till the last minute to do so. I'm a fine one to talk though. I always wait till the last minute. I get real inspired under pressure. But then that's just me. :angel:

(If I already knew that, why go to therapy?!)

Just because one knows going into therapy does not make it any less valid or even necessary. Just my personal opinion here but, I think I have a lot more baggage hanging on me then someone who has only recently figured it out. For one thing there was the early attempt foisted on me in my pre-teen years to "cure" me. I better stop here before I get started. Just mentioning it I can feel the anger and the hurt start welling up inside me. :icon_mad: :icon_userfriendly:

Anyway, knowing or not knowing it makes no difference the therapy is still a good idea.

Good Journey,

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Hello Chaunte

That is such good news on your therapy session.  Having someone to talk to is such a relief.  It will put things into perspective for you, and just knowing that you are not alone in this is a boost.  I too have wondered if I needed therapy, but for myself I thought that what the heck, what harm can it do, and recently I've realy felt good going.  Sort of a moral booster.  If nothing else it will keep your feet on the ground, and keep you from wondering if you are going crazy  :)  Just remember that your therapist should guide you through this, not lead you, and ultimately it will be you who will be making the decisions.

My therapist does a lot of listening, and I mean lots.  She will punctuate things with a question here and there :)  You a right about keeping an open mind to things, it's the best way to go, and don't have any preconceived ideas about how the sessions should go.  How much time do you have between sessions, I had mine scheduled once every month, but now she feels that we can cut them back to one every two months.

So keep us posted on how you are doing.

Take care