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Me Again . . .


Nothing like starting over. ;)  I've been crossdressing on and off since I was about 10, when my older sister dressed me and persuaded me to go to the local grocery store (my younger sister and brother outed me there).

Shortly after that, I took to fetishistic crossdressing, which I did from my early teens to my early thirties.  From then until I reached about 40 years of age, my crossdressing went into a dormant phase.  I returned to it with deliberation, connected with other TG's on line, informed my therapist, and started attending support sessions at Ingersoll Gender Center in Seattle.

I pondered whether I might be a TS myself, but my experiences at Ingersoll suggested to me that my particular case of gender variance lacked clarity and urgency: though the thought of living as a woman full time has always intrigued me (and probably always will), I realized that doing so wasn't essential for me to be happy.  And, for me, necessity is pretty much the only justification I could have for transitioning - anything else just seems too dicey.

I haven't visited Ingersoll in a while.  It has less to do with my sense that I'm not a TS than it does with my sense that Seattle traffic is abominable and gasoline prices are outrageous (though I must admit that the river has a certain flow to it and maintaining position can require a small amount of effort).  I live about 20 miles south of Olympia, and I certainly wouldn't mind attending a TG support group that didn't require a gas-guzzling, 170-mile round trip through maddening, stop-and-go traffic.  Occasionally I encounter TG support group leads for the Olympia area, but none of them ever pan out.  Sigh.

Anyway, I've kind of enjoyed reintroducing myself - and here I thought this was going to be just a tedious rehash. ;D


Hello Celia, I hope you are well and thanks for the "rehash"
Hope to hear from you again


Thanks, Nyssa. :)


ReHi and ReWelcome Celia (=

Dicey... that is a good way to describe transition.

I hope you find happiness!

Ty, 4y. :)



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