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If I transitioned oes thatmean I couln't marry a girl?

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honestly I'm not into fully tansitioning. I'd like to just grow up like the average kid and grow up the way my body wants to be I guess you could say. And anyway well I think I'll probably end p being with agirl rather than a guy but I just wonder what are the legal laws of marriage and all?

whats your question exactly? are you asking about gay-marriage?

no Iwas asking if I could legally marry a girl if I transitioned

Only where same sex marriages are legal and recognized.  :)

Where do you live? No one can really give you advice on legal matters otherwise, law isn't universal ;).

Also lets say you transitioned to living as a girl, that doesn't mean you have to get GRS/SRS, so in many places you'd still be considered legally male.

Although... I really wouldn't make decisions based on whether you can get married or not, the most important thing is you're happy with yourself, whatever that entails is up to you.


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