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What Gender is Your Name?

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Hopefully those options are inclusive enough. If I left something out, I apologize in advance! (By the way, this is going by gender identity, in case there was any question there. No matter where you are in your transition or whether you're trans or cis, select what you identify as.)

I'm curious about you guys' name situations. We have lots of "how did you pick you name" type boards and I thought it would be interesting to do a poll to quantify some name statistics. (Also, I wonder if there's anyone else whose preferred name doesn't actually match their gender identity or if I'm really the oddball out.)

Feel free to post to elaborate on your answer. 83

As for me: I'm genderqueer/an androgyne/planning on transitioning partway from female to male, and I have a female name (Diane). It's a chosen name, oddly enough, but it's one I chose before the gender thing came up. I'm just too stubborn to let go of it in favor of a name that "fits" according to society's standards, because I'm really quite attached to my name.

V M:
I voted man with a male name

Just kidding... LOL... Look at me  :laugh:

I'm a man of many names - I'll respond to pretty much whatever you decide to call me as long as you warn me first - but my chosen name is a fairly standard male name of Celtic extraction.

That being said, I still answer to my given first name (female, unisex in some places), my given middle name (extremely female), my previous chosen name (unisex), my childhood chosen name (male), my last name (unisex), my primary and secondary online pseudonyms (one male, one ambiguously female), and any of the several main character names in the several online games I've played (ambiguously male).

Pica Pica:
Androgyne with a male name, a male name I'm not even that keen on - very bland - but it's my name and we've come too far to split.

Well, I identify as male and my preferred name is male.

But I was born in a female body and given a female name. Exciting, no?


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