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This weekend I have to go out of town (about 3 hours away) for business (Friday and Saturday night).  I will have some time on my hands, so I was going to stop by a mall and pick up a few things.  My situation won't really allow for dresses, it has to be lingerie of some kind so it can remain hidden. 

When I come back, I was going to introduce the idea of my CDing in the bedroom to my wife for added fun.  I have a few really good ideas of how to bring it up in a way that it will reduce the shock and seem more "educational" for our bedroom time.

I have purchased lingerie before and though I do feel the stares of others I don't have much problem with it.  I have always done it on my own and without help from others in the situation.  So know that I have all of you to ask, I do have a few questions. 

One, when purchasing from a regular store in the mall are there certain types or styles of panties that work better than others?  What about bras?  If you don't have boobs, how do you create the look?

I also plan to go out while I'm there.  Again, lingerie underneath, but no outward clothes.  Any suggestions on things to buy that will be sexy for me but not too obvious under my clothes?



--- Quote ---One, when purchasing from a regular store in the mall are there certain types or styles of panties that work better than others?  What about bras?  If you don't have boobs, how do you create the look?
--- End quote ---

Go to a Frediricks of Hollywood....they have cool sexy stuff and also foam breast for $15.

Good luck and have fun!

Personally I hate Fredreick's there stuff is scatchy and doesn't hold up well. Victoria's Secret is much better and the ladies are very helpful. Also they are very pretty. >:D  Back in the days of still being a man I would tell them I was looking for something for my wife and that she was about my size. I think most times they knew the stuff was really for me but they seemed to get a kick out of fixing me up. One of them slipped and said "This color goes real good with your eyes" lol

I used to go to one store for myself and had another store I went to when I really was buying something for the wife. One suggestion for stuff you can wear underneath your clothes is garters and stockings. You really know they are there and no one can see them through a loose pair of nice dress slacks. As long as the slacks are long enough and the socks high enough no one will ever know. Just remember you wear the panties on top of the garter not underneath. You don't want to have to fiddle with undoing and dooing the garters & stockings everytime you need to sit down in the restroom.

Have fun on your trip,


Several years ago,  my wife worked at VS as a second PT job for the discount mainly.  She mentioned the number of men that would come it and ask for help.  It happens so often that the girls don't really think much of it.  As you said Cassie, I think they get a kick out of it and kinda have some fun.  The problem I may have is that if I get back home and present the CDing idea to my wife and she says no, I may have to get rid of my new clothes.  I wouldn't want to spend VS kind of money just to toss them.  What about department store brands?  Not as good I know, but may work better for me at this point.  Anybody have good or bad luck with store brands?

I knew about the garters and stockings under clothes and to wear the panties on top.  I actually thought it was to get them off faster for another reason.  I really hadn't thought about bathroom time.  But that does bring me to another thought.  Did you all start sitting as soon as you started dressing?  Even if was just underneath the male clothes?

Once I came out to my wife, which in a way was also a declaration that I would no longer live as a man, I have never stood since. That was about three years ago.

Wal-MArt has a lot of good stuff. In fact I had looked in a lot of lingerie shops for a good waist cincher that was not a bustier and found the perfect one at Wal-Mart for $5.00. Rose's or Goody's are other good places if you have those stores in your area. Inexpensive and nice. I got a pair of really nice two inch pumps at Rose's for $4.00. Not so hard to take, expense wise, if you have to toss em out. although I wear a size 10 which can usually be found anywhere I did notice thay had upto size 12 in sizes that weren't ugly shoes.



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