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I am in a very complicated relationship with a muslim girl. Anyways, if her and I were too completly end it. I was wondering where the heck am I gonna meet a nice muslim girl? The thought really bugs me. Is there any muslimas that goes for transman?  ???

I post this without in anyway being disrespectful of religions.
In my experience sexuality and gender identity have no link to religious beliefs. OK some religions may be more intolerant of gender and sexuality either from a historical or whatever point of view. So there are more people hiding their sexuality and/or gender in some religions; but they are still there in the same percentage as the overall population. Just they are in hiding.

So I would suggest there are as just as many Muslim females who would "go for a transman"  as there are Christian, agnostic, Jewish, Seven day Adventists, atheist  what ever you wish to name as a religion, women who would 'go for a transman'. There are the same proportion of homosexual men and women among those religions. There are the same proportion of people with physical and mental problems. There are the same proportion of anything that is common to humanity. Unless of course the religion/belief is restrictive, ie not many Muslims or Jews in the KKK :laugh: (sorry).

As far as I am aware from my Islamic friends and colleagues, Islam is a kind and embracing religion. However there are extremists.  I find a bucket load of those in Christian based religions as well. Proves my point.

Now how you find Muslim females who like transmen is a totally different question. I have no answer to it 'cos I've never looked. I realise we are in the  quick information age, and I rebel a little against it. Many people are finding information by looking and searching, rather than by personal sweat and tears; people have forgotten how to go out and discover for themselves. Guess what, that's what you have to do.


Yeah, my gf is a very religious girl but she sees me as a man and there is no problem. Just the other girls, you know? How am I gonna make them come out is a very difficult situation cause of their surroundings. Whereas I could approach a Christian girl on the street without feeling like I'm going to get slapped but with muslims. I fear they'll give me the dirtiest look. Lol. I guess like you said I jsut have to figure out a way :) To get around their environment/family etc.

Thankyouu CindyJames.

Are there any Muslim youth groups were you live? That could be a good start.

Yeah, I think I'll look around. It's also hard cause I haven't converted yet. LOL


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