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Hi, yes I am an Intersexed individual.
I do not claim a specific gender in my life.
I post on a website also.
This site is new and I look to meeting others here who have traveled
here to seek answers being IS and how to deal with life.


Hello Aquablue,

Welcome to Susan's.  It's a great place to be, and I'm sure you will enjoy your visits.  Be sure to read the site rules, and there is lots of other great information in the Wiki, and the library that you can browse though.

So relax and enjoy yourself.


Hello Aquablue, welcome to Susan’s most wonderful Place (=

I hope you find the answers you seek (=

Please feel free to stay and join in on the conversations (=

Hi Aquablue,

We have some very lovely people here who are intersexed. I'm sure that like Steph said you will enjoy your visits here.

So welcome Aquablue.


-Welcome to Susan's.  I'm a "masculine" guy, who is enamored of ts and intersexed people. I had a life changing experience about 7 years ago involving a tgirl, which gave  me a whole new respect for the human condition. Anyway, I'd like to know about some of the relationship challenges you have faced, and your opinion on what kind of relationship has the best chance of success for intersexed people. For example, would an intersexed  person who is outwardly feminine generally relate more to a woman, another intersexed person,or  a straight or bi-sexual male? By the way, this question is for anyone out there who might have some answers.
Best wishes Aquablue,



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