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 Gender Identityand Sex Identity are seperate, orientation is seperate, and therefore your question has no cut dry answer. Who is attracted to masuline and feminine people varies on the person not what is between their legs. Or the difference in what is between their legs.  Men can be attracted to strait women that are masculine or fem, and gay men can be attracted to masculine or fem men, and IS people are no different.

The relationship that has the best chance for a IS person is the same relationship that has the best chance for any other person. Don't cheat, don't lie, and show up at home. LOL

As a IS person myself, my wife and I only argue about what everyone else argues about. let's see, taking the garbage out, leaving my shirt on the back of the chair, not getting jeans in laundry, not flushing the toilet, who's pet had the accident on the floor... blah blah blah....  boring huh?  Sorry we're not more exciting, but society has no clue to how normal we are.


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