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So I recently got my Change of Name Certificate! My name is now legally Katelyn ;D

Now starts the process of changing all my stuff to my new name, bank card, care card, SIN, etc... weeee what fun. So looking up online I found that I can change my SIN for free, but they say I need a primary document, which means a birth certificate... to legally change my name I had to send my old birth certificate in, it's gone now, I don't get it back. I know how to apply for a new birth certificate which I'm going to do soon, but I won't have the money to do so for a week, and it will take 3 weeks to get my new birth certificate. Right now I'm looking for a job, and I really wish I could change the name on my SIN ASAP so I wouldn't have to bring up being trans.

Does anyone know if it's possible to change the name on my SIN with my Change of Name Certificate? Based on the government site it isn't good enough, it just doesn't make sense. Here's a quote from service Canada: A primary document is an official document that proves your identity and status in Canada. We need to see an original of your primary document. If the name on this document is different from the name you currently use, you will also need to provide a supporting document. -

Ok so I have a supporting document (Change of Name Certificate)... but they took my primary document (birth certificate), and once I get a new birth certificate, I won't even ****ing need my supporting document since my birth certificate will be in my new name? How does that make any sense? I just don't get why I had to give up my old birth certificate, when they act like I should still have it.

Also I was just thinking, I read on Vital Statistics Canada ( that once you've changed your name (which I have) they notify your birth province (BC, where I still live) would that mean my information for my SIN has already been update? What I'm getting at is if I gave my employer my SIN would the information they get from that show my new name or no? I'm going to guess no, but what does notifying my province do? They know my new name for taxes or something?

So a check list for everything I need to change, Birth Certificate, SIN, Care Card, Bank Card, and High School Diploma (I don't have a passport or drivers license, etc). Can anyone think of anything else that I may be missing? Now also as far as I know, for everything EXCEPT my SIN (and drivers license/BCID) I only need my Change of Name Certificate to change all the other stuff, am I correct in thinking this? I know for my Care Card I can just do it with my Change of Name Cert.

So last part I wanted to talk about.... I'm seeing my GP on Thursday, I want to get a letter so I can get a "F" for drivers license/BCID. Can anyone give me examples of what that letter would look like? I asked a trans friend who has already done this, and they didn't have there letter on hand but she said it said something like this "This letter is to confirm that ___________ is living full time in the female gender role, and should be listed as such on her identification, including driver's licence." Would this be good enough (including the doctors stamp, signature, whatever)? I'm sorta freaking out right now, I just want to make sure the letter will be good enough and can give an example to my GP. Also if it makes a difference I'm going to be getting a BCID (provincial ID, basically another form of photo ID), is getting a "F" on that any different than for getting a "F" on a drivers license? I'm almost 100% positive it isn't, but I just want to be sure. If I have to I'll go see my gender therapist/psychologist, who has probably written tons of these, but it costs money to see him (which I don't have much of) and my GP is free.

Thanks for any help :)


So I've pretty much got everything working out now. I tried to get my SIN without a Birth Certificate, but they wouldn't let me. On Jul 21/22 I went to vital statistics and applied for my new Birth Certificate, the really weird thing was I didn't have to provide any documents (He asked me all my info, and none of it has changed is the reason I guess), and I paid my $27. About a week later I got the new Birth Certificate (which btw looks really nice, it's also made out of a special plastic or something), a lot quicker than I was previously told (although the person I spoke to this time said it would be a few business days). Went for my SIN soon after getting BC, which was very easy, I brought my new birth certificate, my change of name form, and my SIN card (Which I don't think I needed, but just in case!). Yesterday I got it in the mail! Didn't check till today though lol. I mailed in my form for a new care card like two weeks ago, still waiting on that. So anyways I can resume my job hunt now, and not have to bring up "oh you see... that's my old name" stuff. Gonna go down to apply for a BCID probably soon, hopefully that goes well.

Anyways... if anyone has questions regarding changing your name in British Columbia, feel free to ask. Thanks for your help also Dennis :).
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Re: Changing name on SIN, letter for "F", etc - British Columbia, Canada
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Katelyn, I changed all my ID in BC (except Birth Cert - was born in the UK) with a Dr's letter and name change certificate. I then used the driver's licence (BC ID should be the same procedure), dr's letter and name change certificate to change my citizenship card and the SIN. SIN was super easy. Citizenship card took forever. When that finally arrived, I changed my passport.

The Dr's letter just needs to say you have been diagnosed with GID, are undergoing the process of gender reassignment under medical supervision, and living full time in your gender. DMV has a policy written out on it, so they should be cool with it.