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I get a rash on my face after shaving if I shave one evening and the next morning (so I can go out during the day) I find I get a rash and shaving is painful if I want to shave again for the second night in a row if I want to go out. I'm planning a three day trip to LA (hopefully enfemme) in December so I would like to find a way around this problem.


Hi Jenny, :)

You may want to take a look at this thread or read this article in our wiki.  Pay special attention to the external links located at the bottom of the article page which looks something like this:

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tinkerbell :icon_chick:

Julie Marie:
The best and closest shaves I've had occur in a hot shower.  I've also taken a washcloth and run it under hot water, to the point is is difficult to hold against your face.  I do this several times then use the old fashion brush and soap in a cup which I've just wetted with hot water.  It moistens the whiskers pretty well. 

Shaving as you described, less than a day apart, require shorter and lighter strokes.  I have pretty sensitive skin.  Rather than do like you see in the commercial, a long sweeping motion, I use very short strokes.  Apply the motion you use when trying to scrape something off, sort of back and forth, never lifting the blade from your face.  It's more time consuming but seems to work well for me.


  I've been on a quest recently to find a new razor capable of shaving facial hair without causing mass trauma.  I've been a big fan of the Mach 3 razor for years but I too can't shave two days in a row without severe irritation.  I took this as unavoidable until I switched to the Shick Quattro Titanium razor last month.  While there is still irritation it is far less severe and noticiable. 
  The blades seem to stay sharper much longer and the tiny little wires that wrap the blades allow me to go over the same spots multiple times if needed without cutting or irritating the skin.  The handle is one of the most comfortable and easy to hold in the shower as I've found. 
  The only downfall is the price of these razors.  They aren't cheap compared to other mainstream products but given the performance and the fact that they seem to last longer it's worth it to me.

  As for the irritation I use "Solarcaine AloeExtra Burn Relief" gel.  I actually got this stuff to use after my laser treatments and since it worked so well for that I tried it for razor burn and it works great also.  It contains a small amount of "lidocaine" which helps with the pain and aloe soothes the irritation.  I keep mine in the fridge for an added cooling effect.  Once you put it on you get a sensation of rapid cooling (I'll actually stand in front of a fan after putting it on and feels great).  After the cooling sensation begins to diminish you will notice that there is a sticky residue on your face...don't worry give it a little more time and it dries and no problems. 

  Hope this helps...

Thanks ladies ... I'll give some of these ideas a try. I appreciate your help.


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