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A number of years back, I had an experience(?) that I sometimes refer to as "noticing God".  Actually, I refer to it by a lot of things, and all references are quite inadequate.  I come up with metaphor after metaphor for it, usually rejecting each after a time.

I refer to the current metaphor as "the last gate".  In it, basically I've been unconsciously grasping a piece of wire all of my life, while elsewhere someone has been closing gates.  When this someone closes the last gate, an electrical current surges through me, and I drop the wire that I'd been unaware of holding.  The shock wasn't unpleasant - just very mysterious and unexpected.  In fact, I'd like nothing more than to find the wire and grasp it again (for the feeling of the current), though I have great difficulty coming even close.

I suppose one might wonder what this has to do with issues of gender.  I guess I'd have to say "as little as possible".  I hope people find that to be a relief. :)

Is this sort of thing what some might refer to as a mystical experience?  A religious experience?  Has anyone else had something like this happen?  I'd be very happy to find someone (anyone) who can relate.


The harder you try the harder it is.

Do not reach for the wire, open your hand for the wire to come to you.

You could label such an experience either (or both) mystical or religious depending on your frame of reference.

Rose Dawson:
Hello Celia,

I am certainly not a dream doctor nor am I otherwise in any position to define your experiences. However, two things hit me right off the bat:

1. You didn't state that this was a reoccurring experience. If it was, I personally would take this symbolically and attempt to decipher the symbolism and the current events in your life to create meaning.

2. How did it actually feel to you? What were your initial impressions? My reaction has always been to go with your gut instinct. Did you immediately feel it to be a spiritual experience rather than a mystical? Or vice versa? The point here is to go with what your intuition tells you.[/list]

I have had one dream in particular that will always stick with me as a spiritual experience because when I awoke from a dead sleep in a cold sweat, shivering, I immediately knew it was a message from the Goddess (as I identify as Pagan):

In the dream, I remember there being a circle of candles which encompassed me. The blinds to the window I was facing were open and outside was a pink colored sky and black clouds. It was rather calming - almost as if the sun was setting behind black clouds and thus, making the sky pink. Suddenly, the sky turned pitch black, the wind whipped up to such a force that it broke my windows, blew out my candles and knocked me to the ground.

From that point, I remember opening my eyes and the room looking like a tornado had blown through. I distinctly recall a voice calling to me, "Do not be afraid. I am your mother and will protect you." I immediately awoke, scared to death but I could only focus on the words that were uttered to me in my dream - "Do not be afraid. I am your mother and will protect you."

I can still recall how real the dream was and it's intensity. In any event, I hope this helps you and has been more than me rambling on.

i've had some messages "from above", as it were; whatever actually is "up there", clearly steered my decisions at a couple of points previously... i don't count it as such a big thing... nice to know there's something up there.  and i've absolutely no care in the world whatsoever whether i know what the hell that something is or isn't, or anything about it.  it's there and that's all that counts.

you see, that's the beef & onion with all these religion deelies: they say god is a "this gender", a "this physical form", is all "this thing", all "that thing", requires we attend "this place" on "these days" and don't do "this" and "that" and "the other", and is "this colour skin", and has "these features", and has "this family" who did "this" and "that" and "the other", and doesn't like "X", and does like "Y", and "Z" doesn't exist, and created "this much" of the universe "in this way".  and has "this hair style".  and has "this many arms".  and has "this history".  etc.  etc.  etc.

... not one of those things, important to know in any way shape or form whatsoever.  people often go for the "gambling man" theorey in trying to champion religion - that if you are a gambling person, then you'd bet on god, because if it's wrong, then *shrug* you're ok, and if it's right, then you're ok.  well, apply that in another way - if your god is up there, and it's all good, and it's all powerful, and it has a plan which will always happen (= tell the future), then whatever you happen to do, god will steer you right, and whatever you end up doing, it's all part of his/her plan and was meant to happen anyway... and you're ok.  and if your god isn't up there... then you're ok.

so i say, take these things that happen and just run with them.

That is quite interesting Rose, thank you for sharing.
Sadly such experiences are to scarcely shared, I think for fear of retribution.

With that thought, get your rocks ready…

Note that mystical/spiritual (which I consider two faces of the same coin, so to speak) are not relegated to our sleeping hours, of course.

Here is a waking experience:
My Grandfather is religious, and I understand his reasons to be, however I am not. I’m sure this could be described and attributed to a trillion different things, but as far as I know I’ve personally been visited by who I took to be Christ, bid visit me by my grandfather as we were driving home one day, to whom I shunned. Not that Christ is a bad guy mind you, regardless and whatever the reasons or the logic, that happened and was over just as fast, with nary a word spoken but plenty of meaning.  I should probably note that I have nothing against any of the Bodhisattva, in fact I’ve a great love and respect for them, to put it mildly, as words do not convey. *shrugs* I walk a different path.

Normally I choose not to dream as my dreams have never been all that fun. When I do dream, my dreams are oft tests, situations, or occasionally symbolic messages, or every once in a while loss tears me apart and someone I care about returns to soothe me.

I have many memories that do not match this existence, and life hurts considerably more than is reasonable. I am pretty certain there is a lot more than what the various factions want you to believe. Which really is my point in this post.

Of course I could just be two hairs short of totally out of my mind too, so take it with a grain of salt ;)

Blessed are the Bodhisattva.


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