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OMG New Camera!!!!!


Hope this is in the right section :)
:D Soooo excited :) Just got home from buying a new Nikon D90. It was very cheep and had a great deal, came with a few extra's including a really nice lens!

Just went out side to take a picture of a few plants, extreme close ups! It looks really nice! took some pic's of my cats aswell :)  Sooo happy right now :)

Only downside ive found to it, it seems to be a fair bit harder to use then a Canon 500D witch was the other camera I was looking at.

Anybody else use this Camera?

No but funnily enough when I bought my Olympus E420 it was one of the alternatives I looked at.

As I recall the Nikon is a real nice piece of kit. Good size, great ergonomics.

The only thing which kept me loyal to Olympus is that I have had Olympus since my venerable 1975 vintage OM1 SLR - and none of their stuff has ever let me down.

Canon fan girl all the way

V M:
Right on  ;D

Of coarse you know this commits you to posting the pic.s of your kitty cats on the pet pictures thread

I used the d90 at work and I love it.


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